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Photography Workshop in Istanbul December 6th – 15th

News-Workshop Istanbul

The world around us: Istanbul Photography Workshop in December 2013

This 10 days workshop will help you to begin to understand your own distinct way of seeing the world. I want to inspire you to develop your own personal visual language through subjectivity, exploring key aspects to build your peculiar emotional narrative with images. This workshop will also help photographers to the process of discovering and making a long-term project that they’re passionate about.

Through daily assignments, photographing, editing, critiquing, sequencing, students will explore the author they have inside. Finding their own voice and their own way to see and to interpret the world around us.

This workshop focuses not only on teaching visual story telling but also in giving students a chance to fully experience photography. So, my main goal is you will come back home inspired and motivated to keep developing yourself as a photographer. For this reason Istanbul is the right place to immerse on this deep photographic experience. The possibilities of this city are unlimited and the surroundings hold a great deal of stories and interesting people.

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